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BBCI (Belgian Blue Cattle International)

Located near Mons, BBCI is a world-class bull stud and accredited sperm collection and distribution facility specializing in the Belgian Blue breed. All our bulls are expertly assessed and listed in the BB Herd Book.

Our purpose: generating excellence

BBCI is an artificial insemination facility founded in April 2008 by a small team with experience in Belgian Blue breeding. There are several benefits to artificial insemination. As well as the choice of sire and concentration of the finest studs, it makes it possible to maximize a breed’s profitability, store the sperm, and take a future cattle herd around the world quickly and easily. It’s also an excellent way to limit disease.

Our philosophy: prioritizing quality and variety over quantity

Our facility’s value relies on the quality of our bulls and their semen. We target excellence at every stage. We meticulously select future Belgian Blue sires based on their origin, size, carriage, muscle development and meat quality. We collect their semen in our collection area, analyze its quantity and quality in the laboratory, dilute it, package it in small doses (straws) and freeze it. Quality controls are carried out at various points in proceedings to remove batches that may not be fertile from sale immediately.

Highly fertile sperm guaranteed

Our passion for Belgian Blue breeding encouraged us to take on the challenge of opening an artificial insemination facility in today’s financial climate. It works with only the highest quality bulls and is world renowned for the highly fertile sperm we produce and sell. We also supply semen from dairy bulls and other cattle breeds direct from our partners.

Our aim: to be your trusted partner

We have a management team of just three, meaning that decisions are made fast and contacts with customers tailored to their specific requirements. We each a different role within the company but the same priority: to bring you an irreproachable end product so that you can breed quality with a quick and easy return on your investment. To better advise and assist you, we also provide a cattle station for promising young bull calves: your finest calves have the opportunity to thrive in optimal health conditions, be protected against disease and so receive the best possible preparation for joining the artificial insemination facility.

The BBCI website is here for you. Why not come back regularly to see our bulls? We can also update you on our news and involvement in various events and agricultural shows. Simply send us your email address via our Offers/News or Information and Orders pages.

Want more information on our services? Want to buy straws, sell us your best bull calf or place it in our cattle station? Contact us! You can find the contact details of our representative in your region below.


Belgian Blue cattle artificial insemination facility

  • rue de l'Héribus 73b
  • 7022 HYON (Belgique)
  • Tel: 065 33 87 72
  • Fax: 065 33 98 43
  • E-mail: info@bbci.be
  • T.V.A.: BE 0889 917 986
  • N° de centre de production: B09
  • N° de centre de stockage/distribution : SRB010

Contact – Ourteam

Joseph Boclinville
Administration &Accounts
"Our approach will be very personal, breeding and its implications... but built on good service and friendly people."

Head office:

BBCI sprl - rue de l'Heribus 73b -7022 HYON 
Gsm: 0477/22 66 28 
Fax: 065 33 98 43

 Belgian Blue Cattle International - Joseph Boclinville

Sylvain Cauchy
Business Development &Breeding Specialist
"Choosing a sire isn’t about marketing or passing trends; we have to tailor our advice to the economic realities of cattle breeding."

Gsm: 0473/91 07 26

 Sylvain CAUCHY

Our representatives in Belgium:


  • Sylvain CAUCHY 0473/91.07.26 (Hainaut)
  • Léon HENRY 0476/53.09.96 (Liège et Brabant Wallon)
  • Serge LEMPEREUR 0477/75.43.78(Namur)
  • Florian SIZAIRE 0476/46.05.10 (Luxembourg)

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