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BBCI (Belgian Blue Cattle International)

Located near Mons, BBCI isaworld-class bull studandaccredited spermcollectionand distribution facility specializing intheBelgian Blue breed. Allourbullsare expertly assessedandlistedin the BBHerd Book.

Ourpurpose: generating excellence

BBCI isan artificialinseminationfacilityfoundedinApril 2008 byasmallteamwith experienceinBelgian Bluebreeding. There are several benefits to artificialinsemination. As well asthe choiceof sireandconcentrationof thefineststuds, it makes it possible to maximizea breed’s profitability, store the sperm, and takeafuturecattleherd aroundtheworldquickly and easily. It’salsoan excellent way tolimit disease.

Ourphilosophy: prioritizing qualityandvarietyoverquantity

Ourfacility’svaluereliesonthequalityofourbullsandtheir semen. We target excellence at everystage. Wemeticulouslyselect futureBelgian Bluesires based on their origin, size, carriage, muscle developmentandmeat quality. Wecollecttheir semen inourcollection area, analyze its quantityand qualityinthe laboratory, dilute it, packageit in small doses (straws) andfreeze it. Quality controlsarecarried out at variouspointsin proceedingsto remove batchesthatmaynotbe fertilefrom saleimmediately.

Highly fertile spermguaranteed

Our passion for Belgian Blue breeding encouraged us to take on thechallenge of opening an artificial insemination facility in today’s financial climate. Itworks with only the highest qualitybullsandisworld renownedfor thehighlyfertile sperm we produce and sell. Wealsosupply semen fromdairy bullsandothercattle breeds direct from ourpartners.

Ouraim: to be yourtrusted partner

We have a management team of just three, meaning thatdecisionsaremade fastand contacts withcustomerstailored to their specific requirements. Weeach adifferent role within thecompanybutthesame priority: to bring youanirreproachableend product so thatyoucanbreed qualitywith aquick and easy return onyour investment. To better adviseandassistyou, wealso provide acattle station for promisingyoung bull calves: yourfinestcalveshave the opportunity tothrivein optimalhealth conditions, be protected againstdiseaseandso receivethe best possible preparation for joining theartificial insemination facility.

The BBCI website ishere for you. Why notcome backregularlyto seeourbulls?Wecanalsoupdate you on our newsandinvolvement invarious eventsandagricultural shows. Simplysendus your email addressvia ourOffers/News orInformationandOrders pages.

Want more information onour services? Want to buystraws, sellus yourbestbull calfor place it in our cattle station?Contactus! You can findthecontact detailsofourrepresentativeinyourregionbelow.


Belgian Blue cattleartificial insemination facility

  • rue de l'Héribus 73b
  • 7022 HYON (Belgique)
  • Tel: +32 65 33 87 72
  • Fax: +32 65 33 98 43
  • E-mail: info@bbci.be
  • T.V.A.: BE 0889 917 986
  • N° de centre de production: B09
  • N° de centre de stockage/distribution : SRB010

Contact – Ourteam

Joseph Boclinville
Administration &Accounts
"Ourapproachwill bevery personal, breeding andits implications...butbuilt on good service and friendly people."

Head office:

BBCI sprl - rue de l'Heribus 73b -7022 HYON 
Gsm: 0477/22 66 28 
Fax: +32 65 33 98 43

 Belgian Blue Cattle International - Joseph Boclinville

Sylvain Cauchy
Business Development &Breeding Specialist
"Choosing asireisn’tabout marketing or passing trends; wehave to tailorouradvice to the economicrealitiesofcattle breeding."

Gsm: 0473/91 07 26

 Sylvain CAUCHY



  • Sylvain CAUCHY 0473/91.07.26 (Hainaut)
  • Léon HENRY 0476/53.09.96 (Liège et Brabant Wallon)
  • Serge LEMPEREUR 0477/75.43.78(Namur)
  • Florian SIZAIRE 0476/46.05.10 (Luxembourg)

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